Chest R Pocket Sweater Dark Black

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The Chest R Pocket sweater features a straight fit with a ribbed neckline and a triangle inset piece. A turned chest pocket is finished with a flap and button closure. The waistline offers a rounded edge and the cuffs are designed in a ribbed quality. At the wrist, a G-Star RAW graphic is set.

Straight Fit

  • Rounded, ribbed neckline and triangle inset piece
  • Long sleeves, straight inset- ribbed cuff
  • Rounded hem
  • Turned chest pocket with flap- button closure
  • G-Star RAW graphic at the wrist, label at the upper back neck


Heavy Sherland Sweat Recycled Unbrushed

This style is cut from a soft sweat fabric. The looped terry interior remains unbrushed to create a wicking feature.

  • Soft knitted sweat fabric
  • Unbrushed, terry looped inside
  • 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester (Recycled)
  • Recycled polyester is produced from post-consumer or post-industrial waste materials such as PET plastic bottles and apparel. Material that would otherwise have been sent to landfill or to incineration.
  • By giving discarded resources a new life, we save raw materials, water, chemicals and energy. Preventing further extraction of a non-renewable resource.


Dark Black

Art. nr.: D17265-A613-6484

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